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Here's a taste of what you learn in the Profit Breakthrough System!

The RETAILMavens Profit Breakthrough System is designed from the ground up, bringing you my most powerful tools to get you more profits, better results, and have more fun in your business. You will have all the tools necessary to make more money year-round. But here’s the key: not only will you have the tools, I will give you the exact steps on implementing each of them in sequence. You’ll truly use your new retail knowledge to have a breakthrough in your store – and you’ll notice a difference within the first 90 days. Really.

I will teach you easy-to-use, step-by-step methods that will allow you to finally feel like the master of your store, your finances, and allow you to get a lot more enjoyment out of your business. You aren’t alone doing this. You get group and one-on-one support.

  • Make informed decisions about your inventory, markdowns, staffing, and marketing.
  • Know precisely how much money will be in your bank at any given time.
  • Understand the behaviors that can sabotage your business’s success and how to avoid them.
  • Create a team of employees that work in your store’s best interest (instead of their own).
  • Create fantastic marketing pieces that bring traffic into your store.
  • Make better buying decisions and go to market with confidence.

Presented by Cathy Donovan-Wagner Your Retail Profit Mentor

With over 30 years of experience in retail as both an owner and a consultant, Cathy has the unique position of having worked on both sides of the counter. 

There is an art and a science to retail – and she has the science nailed. She also has seen firsthand the tremendous benefits that the paying attention to your numbers makes. 

This combination of knowledge is what helped her to grow to 3 stores grossing in excess of 2.5 million dollars. She sold her stores to be able to help other retailers achieve the same success.  

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