Profit Club

Become a Richer Retailer with increased profit, better sleep and more freedom


RETAILMavens Profit Club has given me the structure, discipline and tools to really take control of my business. The inventory, sales tracking and forecasting have been invaluable for making better buying decisions - I never would have done this on my own. RETAILMavens has pushed me to try things that were scary at first but turned out to make a huge difference in my bottom line! It's exciting to realize there is SO MUCH that is possible. In spite of the pandemic, I'm feeling better than ever about the future of my business.

- Stephanie B H. Uncommon Threads Yarn

RETAILMavens Profit Club is a transformative private consulting program for independent retailers who are ready to level up from struggling with cash flow to becoming a rich retailer in every aspect. 

As a Profit Club member we’ll ensure you get there with a monthly roadmap, inventory management, the guidance of an experienced retail expert and the strength of a community of like-minded retailers. 

You’ll clearly see where you are now, envision the thriving, successful store you could be - and we’ll show you exactly how to get there so you can finally breathe easy with increased profits, better sleep and more freedom.

Step into your power as an independent retailer

The retail industry is shaking off old paradigms and shifting into a new era. And it is the independent, locally owned brick & mortar and e-commerce stores that will be the backbone of this new age of retail.

In order to stay impactful and profitable, it is time to re-evaluate your mission, your dream and your purpose.

Because owning an independent retail store can be the most rewarding call you’ve answered.

But if any of the crucial principles of a successful store is out of balance - it will shake your foundation, and you’ll feel it!

A retail business out of balance can look like...

When you bring your foundation into balance, things will begin to flow so much easier. The RETAILMavens proprietary Sales Breakthrough System forms the strong foundation in each of our signature programs and consulting services, and when applied holistically the positive changes in your business follow quickly...

Within 12 months you'll see...

  • Immediate improvements in profits and cash flow as a result of customized strategies we give you in our very first call
  • Your marketing will be tuned in and bringing you increased sales
  • The right amount of inventory, in the right classes, at the right time
  • A well working team that serves you, your customers and your greater goal
  • Expenses brought into alignment with industry benchmarks
  • A sense of excitement around the possibilities and opportunities ahead
  • Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what to do next

What are the principles creating that solid foundation?

A year from now, you'll wish you had started today


Profit Club

Uncertainty makes our minds turn to fear, it makes us react instead of respond. But it is in our response, not our reaction that we find growth and freedom.

When you join the Profit Club it’s like we turn on the overhead lights, when before all you had was a flashlight.

We take your numbers and turn them into useful, insightful knowledge that changes everything.

You will finally feel in control of your inventory, team, sales and marketing, and the skills you develop in these areas will be what propels your profits, success and freedom to the next level.

That’s the RETAILMavens Advantage.

I have been with RETAILMavens for over 5 years and it has been incredibly valuable for my bottom line, and for me emotionally. I have their support with staffing, negotiating, merchandising, selling. They are there for you. It is all about the science and the math and it has totally improved my bottom line. It has been nothing but a positive experience.

- Holly F. Bella Filati Luxury Yarns

What's Included:

Monthly 1:1 Strategy Session (Value $12,999) 

Each month, you’ll meet with your personal, experienced retail coach for a powerful 45 minute strategy session to determine what YOU need to thrive. Is figuring out how to pay for a team? Solving existing team issues? Is it fine tuning your marketing, or support with doing Facebook lives? Is it figuring out your finances and making sure you are cash flow positive?

Your coach will use key information (including your profit margin, markdown percentages, product freshness, stock to sales ratio and more) to paint a complete picture of WHY you might be hurting, spotlight opportunities and identify the quickest path and the most profitable steps to take to reach your goals - all based on your unique and individual data. 

In addition to your monthly strategy session you will also have access to unlimited email support from your coach!

Monthly Roadmap (Value $6,999)

This phenomenal, one-of-a-kind map is unique to you, and is full of useful information which will guide your next steps to take to thrive! Your Roadmap organizes resources such as:

  • Your Profit Point and Opportunity Analysis which clearly shows you the sales you need to make a profit (not break even)
  • Your sales goal for this month and the next, based on your inventory levels and recent individual and industry sales trends
  • Important notes from your strategy sessions
  • Your cash position to keep your financial health in focus
  • A team performance tracker that shows you how each team member is performing so you can lead and coach your team efficiently

Monthly Cash Flow Review (Value $1,499)

Know exactly how much money is available to you to spend each month - no more overspending because “the money is in my account”. This helpful review will also tell you:

  • Which expenses your cash must cover, and when you should pay it so that you never lose sleep over negative cash flow
  • Which expenses are out of balance and how you can correct them - because this is how your store starts growing a profit
  • How much money will be in your account next month, 6 months from now and 12 months from now, which will give you peace of mind and the gift of being proactive
  • The information you need to negotiate with vendors, landlords and banks to get back on track if you’ve fallen behind

Monthly Group Coaching Call (Value $2,999)

Stay on top of current trends through cutting edge retail training with RETAILMavens founder Cathy Donovan Wagner, and get a chance to ask your questions during our monthly group coaching and Q&A call.

Full access to the RETAILMavens Coaching Program (Value $9,947)

RETAILMavens Coaching provides focused strategies and proven systems to maximize sales, profits and peace of mind for independent retailers so you can create the right balance of money, time and fulfilling work.

As a Profit Club member you get free access to all the training, annual planning, workshops, holiday and clearance sale strategies available to our RETAILMavens Coaching clients.

Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

Enjoy 24/7 support in our private RETAILMavens client only Facebook community. This is where you’ll find inspiration when you need a boost. Save time and energy by coming here first for new exciting ideas for products, events and team insights, shared by your fellow Profit Club members

Profit Club Intensive Live Event (Value $999)

Join us live for our annual Profit Club intensive where you’ll get a chance to network with other Profit Club members and the RETAILMavens team, learning profit accelerating tips and strategies and recharging your passion and excitement for your store and the difference you make!

BONUS #1: Inventory Management

(Value $10,000 minimum)

Your biggest investment needs to be managed properly so that it becomes an asset, not a risk. The inventory tweaks we offer will quickly pay for this program. RETAILMavens' inventory management and Open to Buy planning will help you:

  • Discover if your inventory is out of balance and the exact action steps you should take to correct it
  • Which products you should order, and how much, so that you never over-order (goodbye cash) or under-order (missed sales)
  • Exactly HOW MUCH inventory you’ll need and precisely WHEN in the season you'll need to have it in the store in order to reach your full sales potential

BONUS #2: Sales 2 Plan Template

(Value $499)

A revolutionary template that shows you exactly how your sales are trending in each class week by week and if you are on or off plan. We’ve nicknamed this the $10K form because it will increase your sales (by thousands)! It works by keeping your focus where it needs to be, which means you can take immediate action to stay on track. This amazing tool also gives you:

  • Your daily sales goal based on your performance thus far, to make sure you reach your goal by the end of the month
  • Your average items per sale and how it compares to last year - plus a formula which shows you the money you are gaining or losing based on this number
  • The number of transactions week by week so that you can plan your marketing and team accordingly
  • Tells you what specific action to take to increase sales

BONUS #3: Weekly PIC Krewe

(Value $4,999)

Need extra support staying accountable to your annual plan and your goals? We get it and we have the solution - The PIC Krewe - a weekly, virtual group chat where we keep each other on track by focusing on Planning, Implementing and Committing to what matters most!

Having lots of ideas is easy - but getting things done is where success happens, and that’s what the PIC Krewe is all about!

When I joined the Profit Club I was ready for change. I was ready to grow the business but didn't know how I could possibly add one more thing to my plate. I was anxious about my financials. Now I'm knowledgeable about the financials of my shop. Working on the numbers keeps me on track and allows me to make smart financial decisions. I know that if I don't like my sales numbers, I have the tools now to change them. That has given me peace of mind. All of this has allowed me to become a better retailer. I feel like I finally have control of my business. I am so grateful, especially through this stressful year, that I have RETAILMavens on my side.

- Aimee P. Darn Knit Anyway

  • 12 Monthly 1:1 Strategy Sessions (value $12,999)
  • 12 Monthly Roadmaps (value $6,999)
  • 12 Monthly Cash Flow Reviews (value $1,499)
  • 12 Monthly Group Coaching Calls (value $2,999)
  • Sales Training (value $599)
  • Access to RETAILMavens Coaching trainings (value $9,947)
  • Private Facebook Community (priceless)
  • Profit Club Intensive Live Event (value $999)
  • Bonus #1: Inventory Management (value $10,000 minimum)
  • Bonus #2: Sales 2 Plan (value $499)
  • Bonus #3: 52 Weekly PIC Krewe Calls (value $4,999)

Total Value: $51,539

Our Profit Club clients are dedicated retailers who aren’t afraid to change what isn’t working, and adopt new habits, strategies and processes. They wholeheartedly embrace building on their strengths and eradicating their weaknesses.

They love linking arms with, and being an ally of a community of diverse and like minded business owners. They don’t hold back when a fellow retailer needs support, and they’re not afraid to receive that same support when they need it.

In other words, this program is not for everyone.

And we only work with people we know we can help.

If you are ready to be the CEO your business, your community and your life need you to be, we invite you to apply now


I can honestly say I would not be in business right now without the RETAILMavens Profit Club. We’ve been through so many challenging times, from the economic downturn in through the pandemic!
The most crucial thing is they have shown me where to spend my dollars for the best return, how much revenue to expect, and how to communicate effectively with my customers and my staff. Most recently, through the pandemic, the timely information, steady coaching, and encouragement to act “out of the box” has gotten me through with actually way more money in the bank and less debt than this time last year! I really couldn’t ask for more! Thank you!!!

- Sylvia H. Ooh la la

The main challenge that brought me to RETAILMavens was cash flow. Though I was working my tail off I always ran out of money. In a year where we lost a large revenue stream, with RETAILMavens help we were able to hit last year's sales number. After getting my head around my numbers, getting my inventory more in line with my sales, hiring an employee, and getting through 2020, I'm very glad I joined the Profit Club.

- Megan B. Knit & Bolt

RETAILMavens Profit Club has helped us with all aspects of controlling our inventory, from turning it, separating it into classes and when to discount. We’ve also learnt the importance of really understanding the numbers of the business and how to take action right away. With the help of the Profit Club we went from $250,000 to $1 million in sales over the course of 7 years, built an awesome team, and have a greater understanding of inventory.

- Shanna D. Azure

  • I don’t know if I can afford it?
  • On average, our Profit Club clients see a return of four to seven times their investment. The first thing we’ll take action on is tweaking your cost of goods sold which can result in thousands of dollars in profit right away. On average, their sales have increased 16.1% with 19.9% less inventory! The strategies and systems you’ll apply will increase your profits and reduce unnecessary costs.

    If we determine during your discovery call that the investment doesn’t make sense for you right now, we will recommend the next best step for you and your business based on where you are. We will always be honest with you, and if the Profit Club is not right for you, we will tell you.
  • What kind of support do I get in this program?
  • To ensure you are maximizing your success, we provide five levels of support in this program:

    → A 45 minute one-on-one call with your personal coach every month

    → Unlimited email access to make sure you get all your questions answered

    → A group coaching and Q&A call with Cathy Donovan Wagner

    → Accountability to Plan, Implement and Commit to your success through your weekly PIC Krew

    → Community support, inspiration and ideas through our private Profit Club Facebook group

If there ever was a time for independent retailers to rise & thrive - it is now! 

You have a choice right now. You can continue as you were, on your own.

Or you can dare to dream.
Dare to create a vision of what your ideal life and store looks like

And then make the bold decision to get there faster, with the help of a team of experienced retail experts, surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded business owners who will inspire and support you.