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Are you a store owner ready to maximize profit and reduce overwhelm?


If you're...

  • An established retail store owner with $150K+ in annual revenue, but struggling with cash flow and/or making a profit
  • About to open your store and wanting to do it right from the start
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overworked, wearing way too many hats in your business

You're invited to apply for...

Profit Club

...a retail consulting program built around the 3 steps to maximize profit and reduce overwhelm:


Imagine having the tools to create and execute a plan that makes your dreams and goals a reality. Having strategies and skills of a true retail leader. From effective decision-making to time management techniques, as the Profitable CEO you've mastered the art of running your business so it serves your life, not the other way around!

Profitable Inventory

Say goodbye to overstock and missed opportunities and hello to having the right amount of the right inventory at the right time. Managing your biggest expense with an Open to Buy plan is key to see profit growth in your store. Imagine knowing exactly how much $ to spend and on what. It's possible when you have Profitable Inventory!

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeline of your retail business. Profitable Cash Flow is healthy cash flow and keeps your finances on track. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from managing expenses with ease, being proactive about seasonal fluctuations, and making strategic investments that drive sustainable growth.


These 3 steps are all delivered to you inside the:

Your Scientific Blueprint - Because GUESSING doesn’t work!

Let me show you why these 3 steps of the Profit Roadmap help Profit Club clients see such great results. Watch my free class:

3 steps to maximize profit and reduce overwhelm

"Too many store owners settle for just breaking even, or worse - covering a loss with personal funds or debt"

How does it work?

The Profit Roadmap is your personalized, monthly business dashboard - Guiding you to the exact actions to take to start growing profit and reducing stress. It features 3 sections:

#1: CEO

When everything is important - nothing is. Stay focused on the high impact activities of your store with the Chief Executive Officer tab of your roadmap. You'll know the top 3 actions to take each month, along with potential obstacles opportunities.

#2: CIO

As the Chief Inventory Officer of your store this tab of the roadmap is your north star! This is where you'll find your monthly Open to Buy inventory plan - with accurate sales goals and an exact buying budget for each class of inventory.

#3: CFO

Monitor the financial health of your business in one place - Your Chief Financial Officer tab! This is where you'll have a clear view of your 12 month cash flow projection, as well as your Profit Point Opportunity Analysis - A RETAILMavens exclusive perk that shows where you have opportunity for profit growth.


Your Profit Roadmap is customized each month by your own personal coach who is focused on the success of your store. With the personalized plan, you'll get a video from your coach, outlining the most important information each month. Have questions? Email your coach anytime!


Building Wealth & Creating Legacy

Taking a consistent paycheck is the bare minimum your store should provide you - But I know you didn't get into business to just break even.

Without also making sufficient profit, you will always work to serve your store.

The purpose of Profit Club is to help you maximize your profit so your store is serving your life.

Because too many store owners settle for just breaking even, or worse - covering a loss with personal funds or debt.


+ Money you can invest to build wealth.

+ Money you can use to grow.

+ Money you can turn into options.

Ready to build wealth and create your legacy?

"I'm new to the Profit Club (only a month or two in) but I can already say it was worth my investment and time! My biggest takeaway is that you don't know what you don't know, until you know! I'm learning so much and in hindsight I should have started at the beginning of my store three years ago!"


What it includes

When you join RETAILMavens Profit Club you'll get access to...

  • A personal coach assigned to your store
  • Your customized monthly Profit Roadmap
  • A recorded video from your coach which you can watch on demand and share with your team to get everyone on the right path - guiding you through the most important information on your Roadmap each month
  • The annual in-person Profit Club Intensive event where you’ll network with, and learn from, high level retailers
  • The Sales Breakthrough System which walks you through how to grow your margins so you can grow your Paycheck, how to run the Sale That Works, how to Strengthen Your Team and how to create a marketing strategy that drives consistent traffic

In addition you'll get access to these revenue generating resources...

  • BONUS: 2x monthly group coaching calls (one of which is exclusive to Profit Club clients) to help you find solutions and ideas that work! Our monthly Zoom Q&A Sessions support you no matter which phase of business you're in so you can start increasing sales faster!
  • BONUS: The $10K Form (otherwise known as our Sales 2 Plan Tracker) which shows you exactly how your sales are trending in each class week by week and if you are on or off plan - so you can take proactive action with your marketing and course correct your sales!
  • BONUS: Weekly group accountability calls - Stay connected to your plan to improve results and achieve your goals with your accountability coach
  • BONUS: A supportive and creative online community where you'll find business strategies from the RETAILMavens team and your new retail friends - You won't be alone!
  • BONUS: Priority Access to all seasonal workshops which will maximize sales and your success during each season

I don't think I'd still be in business if I hadn't had the support and tools inside Profit Club to run my business efficiently.

- Rusty S.

The inventory and sales tracking and forecasting In Profit Club has been invaluable for making better buying decisions - I never would have been able to figure this out on my own!

- Stephanie B. H.

What we've learned and initiated in Profit Club in the last two years has made us a better shop. We are in control of our inventory, our team and our money. Because of what we've learned we ended the year with increased profit!

- Jean H.

The main challenge that brought me to RETAILMavens was cash flow. Though I was working my tail off I always ran out of money. With RETAILMavens help we were able to beat last year's sales number! I'm very glad I joined Profit Club.

- Megan B.



We've got A's for your Q's

What happens once I join?

Once you've been accepted into the program and paid the setup fee we will start your onboarding! First you’ll be assigned your own personal coach - a retail expert that will be focused on growing profits for YOUR store. then you'll move through 3 phases:

  • Setup Profit - This is where you’ll share your sales history, inventory, finances, goals and dreams with your coach - This paints a clear picture of where you are right NOW and where you want to go, so your coach can map out the quickest path there for you!
  • Map Out Profit - In this phase you’ll learn how to use your Profit Roadmap and how to reach your sales goals using our $10K form to generate cash and ideas by staying on top of your sales goals and never losing track of your progress. You’ll also learn how to reach other goals by implementing the RETAILMavens planning process.
  • Grow Profit - Now you're ready to GROW your profit. To grow your profit you’ll settle into a groove of monthly, profitable actions implementing your Profit Roadmap and showing up for the wealth of ideas, inspiration and knowledge in our monthly coaching calls!

Will I ever outgrow the Profit Club?

There isn't a sales number that is too high for this program - We have store owners that are just starting out and store owners doing 7-figures sales. Because even at 7 figures, your business may not be healthy enough for you to take a paycheck. You might have major debt, your margins may be suffering and your team might be hurting - not helping you.

Profit Club will help you improve your profits with less inventory on hand - giving your cash flow a nice break! The systems and processes you learn will serve you always.

Once you’re consistently implementing your Profit Roadmap and your systems are humming, we do have a higher level Mastermind program that will help you take your business even further.

We are also Profit First certified which means we can laser focus on your finances to help you get them on track, whether that means debt management or cash flow issues.

So when you're ready for the next level, we've got your back!

If I'm already in the RETAILMavens Coaching program, should I wait to join Profit Club?

Not necessarily! If Profit Club is the right next step for you, no need to wait until you've completed your 12 months inside RETAILMavens Coaching. You get access to everything inside the RMC program when you join Profit Club - so you can continue learning inside the Sales Breakthrough System. Filling out the quick client application will help you determine whether you should continue your progress in RMC, or if it's time to move into Profit Club!

How much time will this take once I'm onboarded?

First, let me emphasize that any time you spend on this program is time you're working ON your business. This is time that will have a high ROI!

On average you should plan to spend around 5 hours per month between uploading data, attending coaching calls and reviewing your Profit Roadmap. But this varies based on your POS system and how deeply you'd like to dive into our additional resources.

How much time does it take to get onboarded?

Our goal is to have you fully onboarded within 30 days of joining the program - You have a lot of control over how quickly you move through the Setup Profit phase as you'll be the one submitting information. The more time you dedicate to getting setup in the first week or so, the faster we'll have your first plans ready to go!

How do I know it's for me?

Are you a brick & mortar, brick & click or online store owner? Do you feel like you're working harder but without seeing any bigger returns? Does it feel like you've hit a plateau for sales and cash flow? Is your inventory out of control (have too much, not enough or old inventory)? Are you ready to step into the CEO role of your retail business? Profit Club is waiting for you!